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Nicole is an attorney licensed in the State of California for 10 years with her own virtual law firm - Nicole Cheri Oden Law, PC.

As a mediator, collaborative law, and consulting attorney assisting families through legal separation and divorce, paternity, and post-judgment modification proceedings, Nicole believes that alternatives to the traditional court divorce process are both beneficial to families and less costly.

Nicole also works as a legal consultant, helping online freelancers and service providers protect their online businesses and brands legally with custom contracts and policies (or legal templates that they can customize for their unique businesses) and federal trademark registration.

April 20, 2022

75. Get it in Writing with Nicole Oden

Should I always have a written contract? What are the risks of not having a contract? How do I trademark my business name or logo? We talk legal protection and trademarks with attorney Nicole Oden . Nicole is an attorney …

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