Feb. 9, 2022

65. Finding Your Sweet Spot with Donna Leyens

65. Finding Your Sweet Spot with Donna Leyens
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Are you spreading yourself (and your staff) too thin? Do you feel like your marketing isn't working? Do you or your business feel out of alignment?  We talk with Donna Leyens, the President and co-founder of Pumpkin Plan Your Biz. Donna is on a mission to save small businesses from extinction, by providing business tools, strategy, training and support to business professionals who want to make a big impact as small business growth strategists. Most business coaches and consultants find themselves reinventing the wheel with each client, producing inconsistent results for their clients, and mental burnout for the coach. That’s why Donna, who experienced these issues herself in her early years as a business coach, partnered with author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz in 2012 to create a repeatable business growth process based on the strategies in Mike’s book, The Pumpkin Plan. 

Connect With Donna Leyens:
Email: Donna@PumpkinPlanYourBiz.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pumpkin-Plan-Your-Biz-105297761307094
Twitter: @DonnaLeyens; @PumpkinPlanBiz

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