Jan. 19, 2022

62. Building a Better Business with Steve Bousquet

62. Building a Better Business with Steve Bousquet
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Do I need more clients or better clients?  How do I get better clients?  What is a "sweet spot" in business?  We meet and learn from Steven Bousquet of American Landscape and Lawn Science.  Steve shares his experience of 40 years in business, meeting with hundreds of other business owners, and a lifetime of obstacles, failures, and debt that he was able to overcome and eventually build his thriving business.  Steve is also co-founder of the Green Profit Academywhere they consult with lawn care and landscape business owners on obtaining long-term sustainability and scalable growth.

Connect with Steven Bousquet:
Webpage: Green Profit Academy
Facebook:Green Profit Academy
Book:Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses

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