Nov. 3, 2021

51. Profit First in Retail (and beyond) with Ciara Stockeland

51. Profit First in Retail (and beyond) with Ciara Stockeland
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How do you improve your retail business?  What is a good profit margin for retail?  Should you have a brick and mortar or an online business?  We talk with Ciara Stockeland whose business mindset and tenacity inspire us (and hopefully you too!).  Ciara has been recognized as a Small Business Champion through SCORE.  She has twice had the opportunity to testify before two U.S. Senate Committees regarding the “joint employer” standard for businesses and its effect on small businesses and franchises. Through her coaching program, the Boutique Workshop, Ciara strives to motivate boutique owners to dream big and build simply.   You don't have to be in retail to love this episode and learn something you can apply to your business!

Where you can connect with Ciara Stockeland:
Instagram:@cstockeland and @joinboutiqueworkshop
Podcast: The Boutique Workshop Podcast

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