Jan. 25, 2023

112. Let's Stay in Touch with Jeanette Martin

112. Let's Stay in Touch with Jeanette Martin
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What does it mean to communicate authentically? What makes a business more credible? We talk with Jeanette Martin of MYBC Consulting (aka known as the Move Your Bum Chum Consulting), lives by three core values: connection, collaboration, and community. Jeanette is is the Creator and Co Founder of the Gratitude and Appreciation Summits International website www.gasummit.ca.

Connect with Jeanette Martin:
Website: https://mybcconsulting.com/
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Dana Dowdell 00:05

Hi Russ.


Russ Harlow 00:06

Dana, how are you today?


Dana Dowdell 00:07

I'm lovely, how are you?


Russ Harlow 00:08

You are lovely. I'm doing very well. I'm not quite as lovely.


Dana Dowdell 00:12

Now you never are. I know that our one here, I'm the better one here. I'm excited with our guest that we're going to chat with today we're going to talk a lot about gratitude, human connection, but also what she does in terms of social media. So, we're joined by Jeanette Martin, she owns MYBC Consulting, which I'm sure we will learn about what that means. And then she's also the creator and co-founder of the gratitude and appreciation summits International. So Jeanette, welcome to it's just business.


Jeanette Martin 00:44

Good day, Russ and Dana, how are you today?


Dana Dowdell 00:50

We're so good. How are you?


Jeanette Martin 00:52

Incredibly, in a deep sense of gratefulness for this opportunity to chat with both of you and to find two new friends in the four corners of this round world as I love to say.


Dana Dowdell 01:06

So, we're going to talk a lot about the human connection. And you came to us from Marshall, who was one of our previous guests, who has been a massive supporter of the podcast, and is obviously an incredible connector. And so he connected us with you and thought that you would be a great person for us to chat with. And so we want to learn about you and your business. So tell us about how you got started with MI VC consulting and also what it stands for.


Jeanette Martin 01:35

I'd be my absolute pleasure to share with you, my story. I'm going way back, I'm going to start when I'm like 19/20 years old, just kind of where this seed came from, is my dad was a chef. So you know when you have a parent that leads a very influential life, he opened restaurants and I just the connectedness I'm from a blended family of seven kids. So I just felt like I'm gonna follow my dad's footsteps. So moved away to Banff, Alberta worked at the Banff Springs Hotel for about a year. And then the executive chef said I was working in the kitchen said you gotta go to culinary school in order for you to be seeing, you know, especially back in 1983, and four. And so I came home and enrolled myself at Pacific vocational Institute in the culinary program, challenged it right away, because we're so much so that I knew about the program. And I was also living finally on my own, you know, weigh 1920 coming home. And at the same time in the 80s was the time where plus size fashion came into be. It's like I'm a buy for 10. Now, this felt little girl here sitting here and looked in the mirror and went girl, you're beautiful. There's gotta be something that you can do. And I looked in the mirror and I went, okay, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? And I started phoning around to the various modeling agencies in Vancouver. Were quite a hub here. I live in a suburb about 40 kilometers outside of Vancouver, BC and started phoning around and some of the high-profile modeling agencies that are based here they are like, oh, yeah, get your headshot. Done. Oh, yeah, we can do this. We can do that. We could do this. And it just kind of felt at that point. Even for a 20 year old girl a little smarmy if you get my drift. It's like, oh, yeah, you know, so let me down a path. And when I called a very influential school, Blanche MacDonald modeling agency, which is based in gas town, and she said, Oh, if you came in and took her courses, you would be able to do this for yourself and that for yourself and that for yourself, you will have a higher sense of your self-esteem of how to put on makeup well how to walk well how to speak well. So while I was going to culinary school during the week, I was going to modeling school on the weekends. And I graduated with a bunch of size twos and zeros on the runway, I was their first plus size fashion model. And my dad had been down for business to Los Angeles to Rodeo Drive and had bought my mom a dress and I wore my mom's dress back in the 80s it wasn't as quite as fashionable is what fashion is today and you know, 2023 and I proudly walked as a five foot 10 You know, probably at that time I was what a size 20 or 22 girl walking down the runway and being very proud. And I started getting some show remodeling jobs for some of the manufacturers that still worked here in Vancouver. And when I was walking down the runway and watching these ladies who had very low self-confidence, but were stepping into their possibility of what they could look, you know, look good in and I was looking out on the audience and some of those stores that were there were saying hey, why don't you come and do a fashion show for us. And when I got into the store settings and I was able to start chatting with the ladies who had low self-confidence Is but really knew that they could look good and of course had the money to spend, you know, in the 80s. And I decided to put my culinary school on pause, I was to the point where I needed to get into the restaurants to do the practical part, versus the you know, the written part and the learning part. And I said to my parents, hey, I'm putting culinary school on pause, and I'm gonna go be a part time salesperson in the fashion business, and rapidly moved up to be a supervisor than an assistant manager and then was recruited into another company, or stood for about, excuse me, I guess all together was in the ladies plus size fashion for about 14 years in the late 80s, to 2000. And now 2000, and I got the jam of listening, building relationships, getting to know people lady would come in. So sad and oh, I need to look good for this ad or the other thing and just leaving on such a high. And then creating this is the magic thing that a lot of businesses forget. This time is back in the day, we had our CRM system was called our black book, our black book on a customer and that customer would go away and you would get your black book out and go size 16 For real but when husband came in size 12 black pants, you know, no elastic waist going on a vacation in three months. Her dog's name was spot, she had three children, she's doing this than the other. And you would write all this stuff down and build relationship and then when that yellow blouse came in for a function that she needed a yellow blouse for you to miss us. It came in and you she'd come in and maybe the most hideous blouse in the whole wide world honor, but she bought it because she because you care. And that bit me. That bit me that from a very young age about when you build relationships with customers, your employees, your team, it will set you up for incredible success. So much. So, Dana and rush through the power of social media, a girl that I hired in one of my stores back in 219 89 or 87. She reached out to me, and she said, Jeanette, it's you I found you because my name was different. My I had my maiden name. I found you. You hired me when no one else would. And she was a bigger plus sized lady. And now I've coached her in business. We're a bit of a mentor. And this is the power of building incredible relationships throughout the world. So that's where kind of my sales started and then worked various careers through Sears when Sears bought the Eatons chain here in Canada and put it tried to put it back on the map to working for staples working for Starbucks working for a high end hardwood floor company for a while working for granite marble countertop company for a while. And then 22,014 It's like, Okay, girl, you're 50 By the way, next Friday, I don't know when this taping, January 20. I'm turning 59. The last year in my 50s and 50. I turned 50. And I went okay, pivotal moments, what are you going to do for the back half of your life, you're going to live to at least 100? What are you going to do for the back half your life? So why don't you start a company? Why don't you go out on your own, you've been trained by the best was one of those employees that said, Hey, go for this training course, yes, and go for that training course. And I and I absorbed it all. So, I wanted to start a company to help the small businesspeople have the big box thinking that had been blessed upon me in my first kind of 25 years in my career. So that's how my BC consulting started.


Russ Harlow 08:48

It's interesting when you talk about getting a little black book and CRMs and keeping information and there's, there's a line between influence and manipulation. And a lot of times people manipulate and sales. And I feel like you're talking more about influence, because it's coming from a genuine and sincere place. And I think that probably when you are not the stereotypical model, let's say but when you can do it with confidence. And you can go out there with this the purity of knowing and owning it right? There's something that comes through that even the stereotypical model might. There's something else comes through and it comes from that genuine sincerity. So tell me more about how that's, you know, influenced your business and how you work with people.


Jeanette Martin 09:48

Absolutely, I have the perfect story and it goes back to another person who has been in my life for a long, long time. So much so she sent me a message the other day she's in Australia. I was 22 In my career because I was such a keener in this new industry and on the plus sized fashion industry that a district manager came into our area for the clothing store chain that I was working for. And her name is Deborah Leblanc. I love that lady to death. And I was promoted very rapidly, I think it was 20 to 23 years old and I was responsible for store was a store manager responsible for I'm going to say at that time, I'm going to say, million 2,000,003 expectations in sales from the store was a smaller store. And I was full of piss and vinegar. And she came in on a Saturday, a Saturday district manager and said, Janelle, I'm pulling you out of the store. We're going for coffee, I'm like, but it's Saturday. It's our busy Saturday. And she says I'm pulling us over, we're going for coffee. And we sat down and she says, Jeannette, you're pissing off your people. You piss them off your people. They are there. And you've hired them and we pulled them together in order for you to shine. You are to like the way you are not to be the way you are not to say the way you are there. And from and this is I'm talking. She's my longest friend. We are now friends back and forth. She hired me for Eton’s, she went, I went to a buddy, and she said she recruited me to come work with her there. That's funny. Just there for a second, she wanted me to come run the plus size division of this big major seven story department store in downtown Vancouver. And when I met with the store manager, and he really got to know me and know about my culinary background and stuff. Whoa, no, no, no, Jeanette, we want you for the housewares give were gift registry, home decor, we want you for that area, because you're about home and building and gathering. So we want you for that to particular. So I was responsible for about 150 150,000 square feet of retail space for different managers and things like that. So that's how the confidence started is by people believing in me, and also speaking to me in a way that was respectful, appreciated, my genuineness, authenticity, ness. I don't know if that's a word, quirkiness and understood how to move me forward with them being the light in my life. So I would say that's where the confidence comes from. And it's funny that work keeps coming up this year for me a big, fat background light. So I was watching I think MasterChef Canada, back episodes. And one of the trying to remember, it doesn't matter what the, you know, the celebrity chef that showed tasted this. And this girl put out this beautiful meal, and he looked over it and he tasted it. And he says, Wow, this is like restaurant quality. It's beautifully plated. And he says there's one thing missing. And the girl is like I could tell in your mind is like those are not salt peppers. You're not you know, garnish on here is there enough sauce on here. And he looked at square in the eye of square in the eyes and said, confidence is missing off this plate. Now that girl is gonna go away and go, Oh, I got the recipe. I just got to put the confidence into it was like magical for me to watch that and hear that.


Dana Dowdell 13:22

I can't decide if I want to ask you more about your business or about this idea of being confident in business because I feel like so many people might be listening and being like, yeah, how the fuck do I do that?


Jeanette Martin 13:34

Oh, okay. So, let's look to what my B C stands for. Perfect. This is where this is going to come into play. Back in 2014 Ben where I live in BC you have to come up with a name to get your business number to you know, get your GST, your tax number and all the rest of that good stuff. Get your business cards, get your flash manual, all the good stuff. And I'm like okay, what do you want to name your company? You got your first client was lined up and you're going to need an invoice. What are you going to name your company and I went, Oh, what are you gonna do? I'm gonna Oh, that phrase. Okay, I'm going to name my company and why BC consulting. And then you come up with a third name and a fourth name in case you know, an alternative. So it came back I think within two weeks have you been approved am IBC consulting and I was shocked because in our province, British Columbia. Everybody thinks it stands for my British Columbia. Okay, my British Columbia. And in our province, they have secured big M little wide Big B, Big C and all the.coms.ca Is afterwards in our province. And mine stands for move your bum chum consulting. And it's many a time people have asked me Jeannette How did you go to Spain all expenses paid and you don't even sell the product? How did you meet that superstar? How did you get to go to that event? How did you do this? And I went, well, yeah, move your bum, chum. You don't sit on your ass and wait for things to come to you. So, do you want some help moving your bum chum along and understanding social media do you want to help move your bum chum to build relationships. If you want to help, if you want to, can I help serve up how to you move your bum out of your chair to learn. And now there's an AMD to that and to that, and we have to be so super-duper careful, especially over this last couple of three years, where people have been researching facts, not necessarily finding truth on the social media platforms and on internet and all the rest good stuff is we have to see why a you got to cover your ass when you choose to take to move your bum chum into situations out in the world. So how do you see why? Yeah, tell the truth. In person online, any emails and phone calls and texts, you say your truth? And where does truth lead you to confidence in what you are speaking about?


Russ Harlow 16:11

I think it's, it was Mark Twain who said I always tell everybody the truth. So don't have to remember what I said. And I think Abraham Lincoln said, no one has a good enough memory to be a perfect liar. And so when you're dealing with people, you just don't have to remember what you told them if you're just honest with them. So how, how does that manifest itself? And kind of when you're working with people and when specifically when you're talking about social media?


Jeanette Martin 16:43

Oh, I love this because when I started my business, you know, almost I'm going into my ninth year, almost 10th year now is I had to sit back and go okay, Jeanette, you're 50 years old. You've built incredible. I'm gonna say it she told me I can't fucking reality. Amazing, amazing frickin reality to the four corners of this round world. I've been privileged enough to have traveled in 41 countries on six continents I've been in or to get oh, sorry, five haven't been to Africa haven't been in Antarctica. And you have these incredible reality people that you could go hug pinch call for coffee in amazing places around this world. Okay, Japan. So how are you going to bring them? How are you going to bring the who you are to them to social media, so that the people on social media can get understand Jeanette Martin that they don't know? And how do I bring the people in my reality online to back up to who I am that they know. So, I sat back and I created for myself what I called the W five story, create your W five story. And it's your who, your what, your where, your when, and your why. So I sat down and I call the W five because that's the five W's Of course, and it's also five days in the week. So when we're I'm sharing out content, people understand on my business page, I'm sharing out five days like I work five days. Don't bug me on some of my two days off. So I sat down with myself and I went okay, what are the five who hats that you wear in this? Like, what are five hats that you wear in this life? Okay, Jeanette, you are community and volunteer, your master connector, your daughter, a family member, you love cooking? You love reading you love. So, understanding that then understanding what I do in that role? Where do I do it? What when moment? Can I share online to get alignment with like-minded people who like that, who had as well? And then why can I share it out to educate about myself? And why could I bring somebody else who will already ease in alignment with me on that topic into the post, so we can have a conversation to build each other's credibility in the comment box. So, I've got a part of a book reading club that we've been really read so many books in the last couple of years. So, if I read a fantastic book, it's I'm a lovely reader, and I help authors and stuff like that with my business. Who can I have like my like-minded people tag in and go, Hey, Diana Gilbert, I read this great book, have you read it and she's a great reader to win. So I'm like lifting her up, saying, You know what, we're like mindedness. So why don't we have a little Chitty chat and, you know, basically screw everybody else. This is just between you and I put on we're letting you in on this little conversation about this incredible book. And you can join in if you want. So that was how it served me to help other people to build my confidence is really seeding. The whole W five story and I know a lot of people start with why and Marshalls fantastic about helping people get to their why I believe social media is there for the tool to share the win moments in our lives. If business and community that back up our why, why? Because we've got our reality of people that go. I've seen Jeanette do that, you know, when Jeanette shows up for that event, she does that. And she does. Oh, yeah, she's really kind. She's just she's present, she shows up, she brings whatever. Well, it's now I'm thinking about stuff that I'm doing. And I have a captured audience, maybe 1020 If there's 100 people in the audience, but how can I get this out to? I'm just shy of 3000. Friends? How can I get more eyes, ears, nose, mouth to sense who I am? I used to utilize my W five story and this is what I, I offer it for everybody. Because the more that I know your W five story, and I help you get clear with it, then that's the gift to me. Because then I can think rest contain it's like, oh, you need a real estate agent. You know, when it gets to 15 on I know a lot of them was like, Oh, this is your story. Oh, I'm gonna find you a real estate agent, who is kind loves people to take charge who just kind of will be coaching along not being pushy, and like, I bought the book because that's what you need. And I match up in alignment, W five storage, there'll be five story. So much. So, proof positive. One of my clients is a real estate agent, and he show horn, and my girlfriend approached me that she needed she wanted to buy her house after recently being separated. And I said she needs to believe in men she needs to believe in a guy can step up she can believe, like, all I know. And guess what, guys, they bought a house and one day, they found her dream house in one day, because I put people in alignment of W five story in order for their story to be much more powerful out into the world and for their lives.


Dana Dowdell 21:54

It's so interesting, and I feel this way around social media. And it's the timeliness of this conversation is really interesting, because I just had a conversation with my team. And my social media person, my copywriter and my virtual assistant said that Dana, we feel like your branding has a split personality disorder, you have this HR podcast that shows up really quirky and authentic. And then you have an HR consulting business where you're really kind of stuffy and corporate. And that's not you. And I think sometimes we when we start to think about showing up online, we think about, here's how I have to show up. This is you know, these are the bookends to who I have to be online versus who I am authentically. And so what you're saying it sounds like is no, you show up authentically and the five different things that are important to your life, or five different pieces of you that you feel really proud of, or you feel most confident in. And then that's how you can structure your social media.


Jeanette Martin 22:56

Absolutely, because it's your truth. In the end of this exercise. It's your truth. I dare anybody to call BS on you, when you start posting about your dog. I dare them. It's your truth. And it's so it's so powerful in the analogy, again, being an older generation, it's still very viable and unstoppable is the analogy I use for business owners and even like nonprofits and stuff like that. Think about your got a car dealer, you got your favorite car dealership you love to and you're gonna go buy a new car and you kind of got the relationship and you walk in and you go, Hey, Joe, how was your weekend and juggler know, you only love to talk to me about cars. That's all I know, is cars. That's No, no, you can't talk to me about what I went up did on the weekend or how my family is or anything like that. No, no, no, no, we don't want to ride in life like that. You don't go into your coffee shop and immediately when you built that relationship with those that own your favorite coffee shop and go hey, hi, good morning. Please talk out loud to you go. Hey, Sue, how's it going? I haven't seen you for a while that lack of a better be friends. I need a girl. Please serve me up your best. And that's Latin is going to taste that much bigger and then sue will come back. We took the kids to the soccer field and oh my gosh, she was it was like so wet and wet and rainy. And though my kids scored his first goal but see me I see that. Oh, it was wet and rainy. And I just love my friends. Sue gives me a great coffee. Who do I know who has a clothing store that fits size and sells raincoats? Maybe I could send her a little text message. Hey, you know you mentioned and I love that the fact that you're spending time with your kids. There's a little thing enough and my girlfriend not to link to the store. Not to the link to the h&m or the whatever, whatever. No. Here's my friend who owns a store that sells marine coats once give her a call because I want you to stay On the sidelines, nice and toasty and warm, that building relationships.


Russ Harlow 25:05

And that takes practice, it takes a lot of practice to be to have your mind in that place to be able to think how can I make those connections, but once you practice it, it becomes a lot easier becomes natural, right? Because I'm sure it just flows for you.


Jeanette Martin 25:21

Oh, absolutely. And it flowed into okay, now I've got this W five store, what the fuck am I gonna do with it. And that's where I develop the system that I lead people through called the lifting up system. And still the format daddies that are out there to kind of our generation is LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So "l.i.f.t. they are the tools. So, I spell it on my websites and spell it all over. So it's apostrophe, l, period, I period, F, period, T, period, bracket, I, Period and Period G period, bracket up system. And LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the tools we are not to live our life in our businesses. With a tool, right? We live our businesses through human connections and through relationships. So, the i n g is the action of using these tools. So, the AI stands for your intentions. And that's where when you get clear with your W five story, your intention is to share out on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter TikTok, whatever the could be substitute in there now. And so people can see what your intentions are in the world connecting stories you're in is the most powerful one that people forget. And it's your networks. The guy walking down the street with the dog, and you see him every day. He's part of your network. How can you leverage that relationship, using your platforms, your networks in business, your networks and family are networks where you go shopping, and I call it you’re the power of your 555 your five friends, your five colleagues, your five family members, five businesses you love and adore. And the G stands for your goals, your goals, your community's goals, your friends, goals, goals, and up, the more that we lift up the world, the world will lift us up as well. And we need to continue to do that. And I'll share with you my 2021 epiphany because we all know 2021 was a bit of a shitshow and a half. However, 2021 was the realization of it doesn't take brick mortar two by fours to build shit, to build business to build anything. You don't need physical tangible things to build anything these days. So then it was like, okay, that's the epiphany Genet and 2021 2023. My motto was we have to give, to give, to give, to ask, we have to disconnect from this whole givers gain bullshit. And I'm very, very strong about that is because when we give to gain, we are connecting an outcome to it. And that's nonsense. That is putting too much expectations and I'm going to gain I'm going to gain when we give to give we're giving three times out of our being and I'm not saying physical things open a door a smile, kind word of whatever, just give to give. And then when you ask for, hey, does somebody know somebody or hey, I need to find out raincoat because I'm cold on the side of the you know, the side of the soccer field, the kids, you've also created a bigger space to receive. So when that ask comes you're gonna appreciate it that much more, because you've given three times out to the world now was 2021. And then 2022. It was my motto and this will carry all of your listeners into 2023 and beyond to a successful life is how many times Deanna and Ross Have you said that you gotta show up in life. Got to show up in your relationship. You got to show up in your community. You just gotta show up for yourself. There's massive and to that. And we must up the show for the person who puts you in that room. Think about that. You guys put me Marshall put me in this room. So this week, I did a post thanking Marshall for this opportunity. I upped his show. Because you know what? It's not about me in this room. It's about But my light to light other people's way, it's about my light to shine my light behind both of you and your great work. I'm upping the show for the people that put me in the room because I wouldn't be here. So when I accepted my award, my company I'm IBC consulting was the recent recipient of the first for the district Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, excellence in philanthropy. That was my parting words when I 250 people, business people in my community out in the crowd, and I have my beautiful word my hand. And I said that as the guys you got to up the show for people, other people. So they feel important because if you want to come with your handout hanging, I need something from you. If you've already up the show, set a kind word posted something bought from them. Then when you come with your handout, that hand is going to be filled and then you're going to need a second hand because you're going to deliver so much more back. So in 2023 almost a kind word about quote somebody a business, a phrase that somebody read something online and it really aligns with you. This is the other matching thing is I envision social media like it's my reality, and meaning I will look at a post close my eyes, open my eyes and go okay, if that was happening in front of me, what would my reaction be? My reaction would be holy shit, this amazing girl. And if I keep that to myself on this side of the screen, yours are hearing that but if I go holy shit girl that's amazing. And put it into the comment box I got 3000 sets Amir's that are seen that person in their greatest self, we have to up the show for each other.


Russ Harlow 31:38

You know, and I think that brings us back to you know that when we were talking about influence or manipulation. Because you know, when you give, it's not because you expect to receive, you give to give, right? It's about and people are naturally going to want to reciprocate anyway. But that's not the reason for your giving. And if it is, it's just like, when you're up on that, you know, catwalk you know, with that dress, it's when you have that confidence people see it. And if you don't have that genuine sincerity people see that too. So if you give just to get back, people know it, and it's not going to be of any value. I mean, you got to put it out there.


Jeanette Martin 32:20

No, and yes. And this is what I teach people on social media is your position is to like the why story is to build relationships on social media. That's the first thing that's we got to build these relationship builder to build, then we have to make other people feel special. So it's seeing them it's seeing them in their greatest self. So, increase their credibility. And how do you increase their credibility by jumping into the comment box when you see their at their expertise self, their best self, then and only then, are you allowed to present solutions right now the biggest thing that just drives me freaking crazy. If you say hello to somebody in some of these Facebook groups, and immediately somebody send you a DM and go hey, you comment on my post about what kind of what's your favorite kind of mug? Here's my Etsy shop where I do funky mugs. I'm like, what I said was I love what you do in life. I'm just basically walking into your store and looking around going, wow, there's a pretty cool store. You can even ask me if I drink coffee, or even if I need a frickin mug for heaven's sakes. So it's once you start posting also about your five W's your truth, your story, and even on your Facebook business pages, put that picture of a dog because guess what, in a conversation coming up with a client, you could be start talking about your dog, your speak dog, you'll find the people that they're the speak dog language. So after you've posted now, what I say is we have this great opportunity to look at social media, like that's our reality and look at the picture and go oh my friend who said you happen to know somebody, you know what I've posted about that? I feel confident to jump into their comment box and say, hey, I can help you DM me. Or I can look at people's posts and kind of look and go with what they're posting my business kind of aligns with their business. I don't immediately come in and jump into the comment box and go, Oh my gosh, it looks like you're missing a social media expert. Or somebody below. I go, Hey, how's it going? Great post. Let's stay in touch. I'm gonna give a shout out to Scotty Schindler. Right now, down in Australia, my mentor in Australia, amazing human being written a couple of sales books. He gave me the magic sauce. I'm gonna give it to your listeners right now on how to build authentic real relationships on social media in the comment box. So he looks at the different posts that align with what he is he's an amateur professional surfer as well as a master business owner down in Australia. And he would look at it and he would make his comment Hey, Greg, great Rip Curl you know, speaking is suffer language, and you know what the magic words are? Let's stay in touch. So think about this when in reality you're a runner, and you're on your favorite trail and you see another runner running by themselves. And you kind of were coming towards the stars and like, a great running shoes, no great jacket, where did you get it? And you kind of run by each other like, Hey, do you run this trail off? And yeah, we do we do. We do it, hey, we should run together. And it's okay. And let's stay in touch. And if you happen, every business card falling you quickly, you know, tap your information in your phone, you stay in touch. And he said, he's built so many relationships by using those magic words, because it's almost like he's got the last word on your post, but he's leaving the door open. To stay in touch. Let's stay in touch. We're in alignment, because I'm commenting on your posts, but waves are about closer, but whatever. We're in alignment. Let's stay in touch.


Dana Dowdell 35:57

I love it. And I feel like this topic is so much bigger than a 35-minute podcast episode. I'm excited to hear answers to these lightning round questions that we do at the end of episode every episode Genet. So, we'll start with the first one. What's one thing that you wish you had known before starting a business?


Jeanette Martin 36:19

To set aside money to grow my business and don't touch it. And you have that kind of emergency fund? Give up the beginning, I kind of willy nilly and step myself into so many other things went to this networking spent money to buy my credibility versus showing off in my credibility? No.


Russ Harlow 36:43

Good advice, capital is always a good thing to have. What's one of the ways to build capital is selling things? What's your favorite way to market your business?


Jeanette Martin 36:54

My favorite way to market my business is not to market my business. It's to go out there and mark my it factor the world. And it's to put out those things that I do. So when people are looking on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, tick tock, some of the inter web parts of different groups that I belong to, that when somebody sees it, and they're missing it in their life business and are something that they'll pick it up and not give me a call. So, mark it your it factor.


Dana Dowdell 37:31

What is one business platform that's changed your life?


Jeanette Martin 37:35

Oh, 1 million percent LinkedIn. And I'll tell you my LinkedIn journey is back in 2007, when I decided to start a profession that I'd never ever, ever done before. And that was project management in hardwood flooring, a very high end hardwood flooring company that I was recruited through a recruitment company from my retail background. And I really knew nothing about hardwood floors. And now Chateau ICCs, amazing, my sphere of influential people have made me who I am today, Dan Glavine, who is now the sales manager for Dick's lumber here in town. He said, Jeanette, you need to get a LinkedIn profile, you need to show people what you've done in the past in the way of customer service, in the organization's we belong to and you know, get your life, business life out there and personal life out there on your profile. And then he taught me how to use it. Not like the place to park your resume in 2007. He taught me how to go find the interior designers, architects, builders, you know, high end designers, and to reach out to them. And I have a magic formula, I'll say real quick is always add a personal note, hi, I came across your profile. And there's four areas. I'd love to add you to my sphere of influential people at something I say all the time, let's connect. And then the next thing I say connect to come back with, please tell me three things about your business or yourself I need to know. And within those three things coming back, it's much like they walked into my store and say, Hey, tell me three things about yourself that you that could help build this along. And then by the end of it, I would have, Hey, first cup of coffee is on me. Can I bring your coffee to your place? Not inviting them to my showroom? Can I bring a cup of coffee for the team and learn about your business in your showroom. And that's LinkedIn. Absolutely. 1 million percent. And that's my favorite, favorite thing to train is on LinkedIn. And Alignable is getting there, I must say may change an ad lifting up system. Because Alignable is starting to really pique my interest and I was a 2022 township of Langley leader I was voted on Alignable so


Russ Harlow 39:49

very cool. And I think that's great advice on LinkedIn too, because we all get those messages like hi, please connect to me. I have something to sell you please use this Calendly link to schedule an appointment with me And I'm just like by


Jeanette Martin 40:05

a person that's like walking up to somebody going. Hi, I'm Jeanette, my ABC consulting. Here's your invoice.


Russ Harlow 40:12

Exactly. It's just, there's it's dirty. If you felt that you've made it, when did you feel like you've made it?


Jeanette Martin 40:21

When I was in, oh my gosh, hopefully not going to tear up here. When I accepted my award for excellence in philanthropic work, because I give to give to give, and I gained a roomful and organization a community of acceptance of who I am not my business, but who I am. So


Dana Dowdell 40:50

that's it. I love it. I think we need to start saying that swearing and crying is permitted on the podcast.


Jeanette Martin 41:00

Here's our tears are making space for you to put more emotions and feelings in.


Dana Dowdell 41:06

So I love it. Last question is what's the best business book you've read?


Jeanette Martin 41:12

Okay, I have a top three and I'll be really fast. The first one is selling from the heart Larry Levine. I met Larry at a business relationship with SendOutCards down in Utah about four years ago now. And profound, easy conversation Joe Average. He was a xerox copy salesperson for the longest time and really understood what it meant to sell from the heart. Number two book is to Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink phenomena, all Daniel Pink stuff. I read them all phenomenal from the moment you kick your mummy in from the inside to the outside, and you get a rub. Mommy rubs the tummy that is the currency you have figured out what you are in this life. But oh, when I kick her there, she pauses what she's doing your new reality. And she rubs you're telling me but when we kick her over there, I don't get anything so we understand what our currency is. So to sell us human, we're always selling to each other our best selves. And the last one is the book that led to the gratitude and the formation of the gratitude and appreciation summits International was Cody Bateman's book how relationship marketing is changing the world. And I read that book was gifted to it by the other co-founder Kathy fester back in 2000. I think 18 or 19 Read the book in a day and a half tab the hell out of it highlighted the hell out of it. And then conjured up the idea with some help from people in a visualization exercise. With I'm going to shout out again, free to Lombard and Aaron Solly. And I drew out what I thought I said this world needs a gratitude and appreciation summit it needs a shot a gas get at GHS gratitude appreciation summit out to the world. I shared it with Kathy because she's the one that gave me the book. And I said I want to do this. I want to have a summit where people can come and share their stories of kindness, love acceptance, how they show gratitude tools, like even a like a trade show where a guy that appreciates your car can come and talk about if you appreciate car, you're not buying new ones all the time in the environment. And she said yes. And I am incredibly grateful to her that you don't find many people in your life when you say something and they effortlessly step into a yes. So those are my top three books. And because I am faith based, I gotta say I gotta go to the Bible. It's


Russ Harlow 43:44

awesome. I want to thank you for being here. And if people want to learn more about or connect with you, where's the best place for them to find you.


Jeanette Martin 43:51

The best place in the best ways to utilize the six most powerful words in the English language in any language is to make sure that you please reach out to me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok this cap my name and so the Google's ask Professor Google or Mr. Yahoo or Mr. Bing, type in Jeanette y Martin and you will find me. And then when you do find me, you will say thank you. And then I will say You are welcome. Those are the six most powerful words to build the foundation of any relationship, please. Thank you. And you are welcome.


Russ Harlow 44:31

Well, thank you, Jeanette for being here and sharing with us and our listeners. Let's stay in touch. And if you want to get in touch with Jeanette, you can find all the places in our show notes and anywhere everywhere that you can connect. And you can also try those other search engines too, but we'll have the links directly there for you. I want to thank you for being with us. This was great. And as our listeners if this was something that you gained something from When you want to share with somebody, please blasts it out there, put it out there. Like, share, give it to somebody who needs to hear the message that was spoken today. And remember, it's not personal. It's just business.